Why Keyword placement in SEO necessary?

Today if anyone is in search of anything he/she approaches the search engine to get what he is searching for; Whatever user searches on the search engine is the keyword for us. Users will never search your website. Users will mostly search for the information they need on the SE( Search engine). Placing those keywords in your Website’s Pages and Blogs is what is called Keyword placement.

SEO is not possible without keywords, Adding keywords to your page descriptions and blogs is a part of SEO. Keywords are not just for search engines. There are many other websites where they have a Search option e.g. Amazon (It has a Search option where you search for the product you want). The Product searched by the user on amazon is the keyword for the sellers. Keywords are everywhere but what matters is the placement of the keywords. 

Before we see keyword placement, I would like to tell you about the types of Keywords 

There are two types of keywords

Long-tail keywords

Short tail keywords

Long-tail Keywords

Long tail keyword placement
Long-tail keyword

These keywords are usually long keywords consisting of 3 to 4 words and less than that. These keywords are more precise about the user’s need i.e.Whatever users search precisely can be long and are most likely to be long-tail keywords. 

Short-tail keywords

These keywords are usually 1 to 2 words they are short words which user searches on the search engine. This types of keywords are used when the user’s knowledge is limited. These keywords are less precise. But these keywords have a high amount of searches monthly. 

Both long-tail and short-tail keywords both play an important role in Keyword placement in SEO

Factors to keep in mind at the time of keyword placement 

Importance of Keyword placement
Right keyword


Repetition of Keywords

This factor depends on the Size of your Content. If your content is up to 500 words then you can use the focus keyword minimum for 4 to 5 times and maximum for 7 to 8 times. This is the ideal time for the repetition of keywords in a particular blog or a page description. 

Keywords in heading 

When I say keyword placement in the heading. Keyword placement should be done on all the Headings of a page description and also to the blogs. the reason behind this is google. It crawls the headings more than the content and that is why it is necessary to add keywords in Headings. 


This was the introduction to Keyword placement in SEO Which we will be covering in our next blog. Till then I have a question fo you. 

What are the benefits of SEO services in Mumbai?

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