How Will Voice Search Impact SEO in Future

The first Voice technology was first Invented by IBM’s Watson, In the year 2010. It was the start of voice technology, After IBM, it was Apple’s SIRI in 2011, and followed by them, was Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s voice search. Today everything is done through the voice search. People prefer voice search instead of Typing, So now you can see, the revolution of voice search in a decade. However, Have you ever thought about how will voice search impact SEO?   

Voice search has changed the approach of digital marketers to reach their customers. However, it is beneficial and but it has consequences too.

Future Voice Search

What is a voice search?

Voice search is the speech recognition technology that helps users to search the information by speaking about the related keywords. It makes the search process easier rather than typing those text.

Voice search in SEO

Today everyone has smartphones and smartwatches which are voice-enabled and almost,20% of queries in Google’s Mobile app and Android devices and more than 20% of Queries in Ios are asked through voice search according to Statistica. The use of Voice search is increasing and in no Time, Voice search will be used more than typing. So in this, it will affect our ranking if your webpages are voice search-friendly. 

Now you must be curious about, Why?

Voice search in SEO


Voice search will make the length of the keyword long, which will make the users need precise. It will make users need more precise. That is why users will have to make content with long keywords; It will advantageous for SEO practisers too, as they will reach their target customers. Voice search will make the keywords precise about, what does the user need?

The featured snippet will work the most

The featured snippet is the exact result that the search engine will crawl and show the exact result of what users need. In this way, the Voice search will impact SEO as the search engine will show the exact result to the user’s query. 


Content will affect the most with voice Search, Because of the keywords length, Featured Snippet, and the preciseness of the user’s query. The Voice search will Impact SEO in Such a way that we SEO practiser will have to provide detailed and brief content to the user’s query. That will be the only way to rank high and reduce the bounce rate of your website. 

Mobile friendly  

Google now indexes the websites based on the appearance of the webpages on the Mobile(AMP). As most of the voice search Users are the ones with smartphones. So Having mobile-friendly webpages will be a must shortly, This is how Voice search will affect SEO. 

Voice search SEO will also help you in generating traffic if you make your webpages according to Google’s search engine guidelines,

There are many other factors such as; Questions asked by users, Semantic search, Local Search, etc. If you are planning to do SEO, or hire an SEO agency, Then you must keep these factors in mind. 

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