What is the Role of SEO in Digital Marketing?

The marketing strategies have evolved in the last two decades. Earlier it was traditional marketing, and today it is Digital marketing. Have you ever thought, why? It is a catchy thought you must have heard, “Be where your customers are.” It is true. Today, everyone has a smartphone, and they spend most of their time on the internet, Be it shopping or communicating with your friend, and from teaching someone to learning something, everything is possible through the internet. Today marketing is also done over the internet; We call it Digital Marketing, Where we promote our products and services through the internet. Digital marketing is a vast concept. It includes Social media Marketing, Social media optimization, Email Marketing, Search engine optimization, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Marketing, and much more. Out of all these types of digital marketing, SEO is the best type of digital marketing. Now you must be curious about, What is the Role of SEO in Digital Marketing?

“If digital marketing were a human body, then SEO would have been the heart of the human body.”

and How?

Today if you have any queries or want information about anything, you approach google. What is it? It is a Search engine, and making your website or web pages visible to your potential user/customer is called Search engine optimization. It is the organic process of increasing your website’s visibility, increasing your organic traffic, Making your website and web pages user-friendly website, and providing what your customers want.

Role of SEO in digital marketing
SEO increases the website’s visibility

SEO increases website's visibility

Today every business has its website. But is it visible to your potential customers? My honest answer to this is a “NO” Because every company has its website and there is cut-throat competition in every field. In these situations, SEO can help you reach your customers. 

SEO Builds Trust 

SEO helps in building trust

It is a saying that “Jo dikhega vohi bikega,” and it is true. With the help of SEO, your rank high on the relevant keywords which users are most probably going to search. The more your website is visible, the more you gain their trust. In this way, it is also helpful in trust-building. 

SEO helps in Branding

SEO helps in Branding

In every business, customer convenience is the topmost priority, Right? Why is it? Because, if your customer is satisfied, he will come back and may also suggest others about your products and services. However, in digital marketing, you approach your customers through the internet. So your website is your face, and the content is your pitch, and the website’s design is your office space. When you write good quality content, your content can convince your users. And the better your website designing is, the better will be your impression on the users. This is how SEO helps in branding of your website and your business. 


According to Neil Patel, branding depends on Useful content, Easily accessible and Credible website; and it is only possible through SEO.

The Role of SEO in digital marketing is quite remarkable. However, If your website is SEO friendly, you are most likely to grow your business. So if you have a website and if it is not SEO friendly, you my friend lack behind. Because digital marketing is the future, and the Role of SEO in Digital marketing is such that your Marketing is next to nothing if you don’t do SEO of Your website.

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