The Most Suitable E-mail Marketing Strategies

Emailing your customers in one of the most effective ways to retain your customers and build a good relationship with them and also make brand awareness. The email has been for a long time with us. Email marketing strategies can be one of the best tools for marketing in Today’s world. 

Now, if you think,

Why E-mail Marketing?



If you see E-mail marketing it has its significance in digital marketing, E-mail marketing can be one of the most crucial methods of Digital marketing.

If you compare Some Email marketing Strategies with Social media marketing strategies. Email marketing is more effective. 

How is email marketing better than Social media?


In social media marketing, the biggest platforms are facebook, In Instagram and Youtube your reach is limited and you cannot communicate. 

Today there are several ways or platforms in which you can connect with your customers. One such way is Email marketing. As a business owner, you must find out where your customers are, and the ways you can communicate with them. This helps you to target your customers with advertising on that specific platform of social media. 

Most of the users use Social media s a means of marketing and don’t understand the potential of Email marketing. The email has been over for a decade.

Today Facebook has more than one million users and Instagram has more than 500 million users worldwide. The traffic is high but on social media platforms, you don’t get to communicate with the customers. Whereas email users are ways more than that, Out of 100 mobile users 90 mobile users have their email ids and almost 50 mobile users frequently check their emails. This shows the importance of email marketing. 

Email marketing strategy 

One of the most basic Email marketing strategies in email marketing is

  • Welcome email
  • Content email
  • Thank you email

Welcome email


welcome image


If you want to communicate with your customers start by greeting them by saying that you are expected. And tell them about your products or services. With this, you make yourself familiar with your products and services. It is also known as Introduction email.

Content email 


content marketing


This is the strategy which can help you in gaining you in grasping new customers and also helps in retargeting the old ones. In this part, you send them a discount offer/Voucher or a promo code to get a discount. This makes him think, and if he is in need or likes your product he will buy it.

Thank you email 


Thankyou Email


This is the pleasing strategy and the most important strategy in email marketing. This strategy can help you to retain your customers and also build a good relationship by making them feel that they do matter. You can do this ending them a thank you message and telling them or requesting them to use your product and services. This is the most crucial part of this strategy. 

This is one of our many email marketing strategies there are many other strategies like this in which webtactic is a specialist. It is one of the best Digital marketing company in Mumbai. Webtactic is known for its Effective email marketing strategies in their email marketing.

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